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Tailored Workday Solutions

Supporting you on your Workday Journey

Whether you’re just getting started with Workday or looking to enhance and optimize your existing Workday setup, our team is 100% focused on Workday and is here to support you, providing expert guidance, tailored solutions, and certified talent to strengthen your internal teams.


Enhance and Expand your existing Workday solution

We’ll partner with you to bring your plans to life and maximize your investment in Workday.

Maximizing your Investment in Workday

Our Helios Consultants are experts in Workday, working with you to help you achieve and exceed your Workday goals.

Our experienced team will advise and guide you, delivering tailored Workday solutions that will expand and enhance the capabilities of your system and deliver optimized results for your HR and Finance teams, benefitting the whole organization.

Expand your Workday Solution

Need to add new modules to your existing Workday solution, or integrate a new acquisition into your Workday System?

Improve Existing Workday Processes

Are your HR and Finance teams wanting to improve time tracking, payroll and compensation processes?

Build your team with Workday Talent

Want to build a strong business case for introducing Workday to your organization, or looking for Workday Talent to join your team?

Want to find out more about maximizing your investment in Workday?

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Discover the transformative benefits of moving to Workday and understand the advantages over your current system
Develop a strategic and financial roadmap to support deployment
Formulate global deployment strategies and industry-specific solutions
Conduct a Post-Deployment Assessment to identify gaps and areas for improvement

Considering a move to Workday?

Discovering and understanding the benefits of Workday is the first step to ensuring a successful implementation and deployment.

We can support you in:

  • Demonstrating the Benefits of Workday over your existing solution
  • Building a Business Case and developing Implementation and Financial Roadmaps to ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition.
  • Carrying out Business Readiness Assessments to assess your organization’s preparedness for adopting Workday, identifying potential challenges and creating strategies to address them.
  • Delivering effective Change Management, preparing your organization for new improved processes and technologies.

Planning Your First Workday Deployment?

You’ll typically be guided by Workday or an approved implementation partner for your first Workday deployment. However, your internal teams may require additional support in managing their regular duties with project demands.

We can support you in:

  • Providing Additional Workday Support to help ease the load and allow your staff to manage their regular duties alongside project demands.
  • Collaborating with Your Team and Partners to ensure the project stays on track and your goals are met.
  • Addressing challenges and offering Expert Advice and Guidance, based on real-world experiences.

Ready to find out how Workday can transform your business?

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Build your Internal Capability with Workday Talent

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Certified Workday Talent

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Certified Workday Talent


Our Horizons program is the first ever apprenticeship program in the Workday ecosystem.

Our Horizons Apprentices are graduates from top U.S. colleges and, on completion of our 12-week program, become Helios Associates, providing skilled Workday talent for your business through our talent-to-hire initiative.

  • Access a pipeline of Certified Workday talent
  • Reduce your hiring costs
  • Ready to add business value from day one


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Expert Workday Consultants

Our team of Helios Consultants is experienced, knowledgeable, and 100% focused on Workday.

A Workday Partner since 2018, we can support you by providing expert guidance and tailored solutions, partnering with you on specific projects and challenges as well as providing on-going, flexible support.

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Supporting You on Your Workday Journey

Get in touch to find out more

We’ll discuss your specific requirements and challenges, and how we can support you on your Workday journey.

Official Workday Partner Logos

Official Workday Partner

As a Workday Staffing Partner, Helios delivers Certified and Accredited talent to Workday Partners and Customers through our Horizons Training Program.

As a certified Workday Services Partner, our team provides trusted expertise and advice, adhering to the strictest of Workday standards.