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Horizons for Job Seekers

Helios is a Workday Advisory Partner committed to closing the talent gap in the Workday ecosystem.

Through the Helios Horizons Associate program, the first ever Workday Apprenticeship program, Helios hires high-potential, diverse candidates with the aptitude and interest to make a difference, but without Workday experience.

As a Helios Horizons Associate, you will get paid while you learn and apply new skills in Workday. Upon successful completion of our 12-week program, you’ll be a Workday Associate, working with our clients and gaining valuable
business experience.

Workday has become the human capital management and finance platform of choice for many, including half of the Fortune 500. As more companies choose Workday, there is a resource gap and experienced Workday professionals are in high demand.

How it Works

Paid Training

Once you receive an offer to join a Horizons cohort, you’ll be onboarded as a Helios employee, meaning you will be paid from day one and receive access to our competitive benefits including health coverage and paid time off.

As a Horizons apprentice, you’ll undergo an immersive training program covering topics such as HR, Workday, and consulting. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive one or more valuable Workday accreditations. How much time will you spend learning? About as much time as you would spend in class getting a Master’s degree. And the best part? You’re being paid to do it, not paying university tuition.

Career Opportunity

Upon completion of the Horizons program, you’ll receive a salary increase and be deployed to a client in the Workday ecosystem as a contributing member of a team.  You’ll jumpstart your career leveraging your learnings and expanding your experience.

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The typical salary trajectory looks something like this:

Salary before Horizons

Apprentice salary

Upon client placement

Employee Salary

Upon client hire

Employee Salary

As your career progresses

*After 3-4 years, we expect many Horizons associates to be making six-figure salaries, either at clients or with Helios.