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Achieving Academic Excellence with Workday®

Is Workday working for your institution?


Helios is a certified Workday Advisory Partner, providing specialized knowledge and expertise. Our trusted team of Workday professionals work as an extension to your team, partnering with you to maximize your investment.


We appreciate the unique challenges of universities and colleges wanting to get the most from your workforce. By collaborating with you on your Workday journey, we can achieve the best outcomes for those who matter most to your success – your students, faculty, and staff.


Your Challenges

Diverse Workforce Balancing faculty, staff, and part-time employees

Compliance Adhering to complex federal, state, and accreditor regulations

Budget Constraints Limited resources for HCM systems

Integration Complexity Connecting diverse academic systems

Talent Recruitment Attracting top faculty and staff

Academic Scheduling Coordinating class schedules

Data Security Protecting sensitive information

Employee Development Upskilling and career pathing

Performance Evaluation Fair faculty assessments

Tenure Tracking Complex faculty tenure management

How Helios Can Help

At Helios, our knowledgeable consultants bring a wealth of expertise to the table:

Decades of Collective Experience

With over a century of combined experience, our team has a deep understanding of the intricacies of Workday.

Global Perspective

We’ve worked across diverse industries, countries, and cultures, giving us a global perspective that we apply to your unique challenges.

Complex Business Solutions

Our experience with highly regulated and intricate businesses has equipped us with the skills to navigate complexities.

Tailored Solutions

We excel at customizing SaaS HCM solutions, providing precise answers to your toughest problems.

Boutique Approach

Unlike larger firms, we offer a boutique experience where you can work directly with our experienced team members.

Talent Solution

Helios’ unique Rise apprenticeship program provides trained Workday talent for your internal team.

Collaborative Partnership: Together, we are so much more.

Seamless Integration Helios becomes an integral part of your team, seamlessly extending your internal capabilities.

Knowledge Empowerment Our focus is on empowering you through knowledge transfer, ensuring ongoing customer success.

Tailored Solutions We specialize in deploying the solution that perfectly fits your unique needs and requirements.

Workday Advisory Partner

As a certified Workday Advisory Partner, providing trusted expertise and advice. We adhere to the strictest of standards that Workday looks for in firms that advise their customers.

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Explore Helios Rise

Workday’s first Apprenticeship Program

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Helios is the real deal. More than just Workday resources, they are our trusted partners, peers, and experts who consistently go above and beyond to deliver great results.

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