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Case Studies

Helios Client Stories

Streamlining Advanced Compensation Processes with Workday

The project's success showcases the power of collaboration and the value of empowering internal teams to take ownership of their compensation processes.

Case-Study_Advanced-Compensation_FINAL.pdf Case-Study_Ad.....L.pdf 1.15 Mb

Powering Efficiency: Optimizing HR Operations with Workday

Committed to maximizing their investment in Workday, the client is already exploring additional opportunities for partnership with Helios and development of their Workday solution.

Case-Study_Optimizing-HR-Operations_FINAL.pdf Case-Study_Op.....L.pdf 0.83 Mb

Transforming Time & Attendance: Implementing an industry-leading Workday® solution

The project team's dedication and collaboration led to the successful delivery of an industry-leading Time & Attendance solution, improved labor visibility, compliance, and efficiency.

Case-Study_Transforming-Time-Attendance_FINAL.pdf Case-Study_Tr.....L.pdf 0.84 Mb

Highly capable resources for your team

Helios Horizons is the first ever Workday Apprenticeship Program, providing a pipeline of high-caliber, Pro Accredited Workday talent for our clients on a talent-to-hire basis.

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